English ELECTROFORMING Video Course


We developed this alternative format to the in-person courses and the online courses with the intention to offer every essential aspect about the Electroforming technique in a  theoretical, practical and easy-to-learn way. It is aimed for everyone in any part of the world who wishes to learn and apply this amazing technique which offers so many creative possibilities not only for jewelers but also to artisans, sculptors and even for curious people as well.


Why choose the video-course?

Because you will receive detailed step-by-step videos to follow me during the whole process for the creation of your own pieces in Electroforming. Furthermore you will receive a dossier (in a .PDF format) containing detailed information supporting all the audiovisual material already provided. You will also have the possibility to contact me as the instructor to clarify any questions you may have. Another important aspect is that in this video-course I offer you the chance to learn how to independently build the basic materials needed for the process as well as how to set up your own equipment.

You will be able to work at your own pace, adapting your own timing to your routine and needs with absolute autonomy.

There will also be the possibility to purchase all of the materials through the website as one-to-one online private tutorials.

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How to sign up for the course?

Once the payment is complete you will receive the technical dossier and access to 3 videos which show the step-by-step practical process.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a free 2 hour lesson (through Zoom platform) with a reduced number of students scheduled in a day and a time convenient for all of you to raise questions and receive feedback.

If you need more personal advising later on you can have the option to schedule a private tutorial with me to carry out your own project.

What does the video-course include?
1 dossier in pdf format with all the detailed theory about the technique;
3 videos which show and explain all the theoretical-practical aspects of the process;
1 online lesson (2hr duration) with a reduced number of students for more personalized learning. You will be able to contact me through my email address and I will inform the group the date and time scheduled for the Zoom meeting.

This video-course is suitable for all levels.

It is absolutely forbidden any partial or total distribution, broadcasting or copy of the audiovisual material (the 3 videos) as well as the dossier file due to copyright of the instructor.


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